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 B N H S

e-Mammal India

BNHS has taken up e-Mammal project to engage students and teachers in generating data for scientists through camera traps, covering animal population size, activation patterns and habitat use. The data, stored in a depository, can be accessed through the e-Mammal website by scientists worldwide. The initiative promotes scientific understanding among children between ages 11 and 14.

In the first phase of the project (2014 to 2015), BNHS collaborated with North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and Museo de Paleontologia (Mexico) and covered three middle schools in Maharashtra. In the second phase (2017 to 2019), BNHS is working with 20 schools along Konkan and northern Western Ghats. Through the project, over 2000 students have had the chance to handle and know more about camera trapping and its vast use in studying wild animals. Since February 2014, over 3,50,000 images have been collected through camera trap. Competitions, film screenings and lectures are some other ways through which the students are familiarized with applied scientific research and its methods.