Bird hazard studies

INS Parundu: In April 2017, work commenced on the study of bird hazard in INS Parundu, the airfield of the Indian Navy in Ramanathapuram district, Tamil Nadu.

Daman Airfield: We undertook a reconnaissance of Daman Airfield on July 14, 2017 to obtain insights into the airfield and its birds, and also gather background information to prepare a project proposal seeking a year-long study on the issue of bird hazard to aircraft in the airfield. The report based on the field visit was submitted, along with the project proposal.

INS Rajali: In February 2018, we bagged the project of the Indian Navy to carry out a one-year study on bird hazard in INS Rajali, Arakonam, Tamil Nadu. INS Rajali has the largest defense airfield in Asia.

INS Shikra: We are helping INS Shikra in Colaba, Mumbai to design a monitoring plan to check potential bird-strike species. Necessary field work is completed and the final report is under preparation.