Mongolia has been more or less isolated from the modern world until recent times. The land of the Great Ghengis Khan is marked with vast openness and untouched wilderness. The country ranges in habitat from Boreal Taiga forest, Steppe grasslands, to Gobi Desert. The country is also home the last wild species of horses – Przewalski Horse – and camels –Wild Bactrian Camel – both Endangered and Critically Endangered, respectively. Mongolia is also a birders’ paradise. It falls in the middle of the Central Asian Flyway, allowing it to play host to a vast variety of migratory birds. It is also a breeding ground for many migrating birds like harriers including the Eastern Marsh-Harrier, Greater Spotted-Eagle, Steppe Eagle and Amur Falcon.  Besides these, Mongolia is home to six species of cranes including the Hooded, White-necked, Common, and Demoiselle Crane. Other birds like Swan Goose, Whooper Swan, Oriental Plover, Pallas’s Sandgrouse, Ural Owl, Henderson’s Ground Jay, Rook, Azure Tit, White-crowned Penduline Tit, Altai Snowcock and Black-billed Capercaillie are just a few of the birds that will get any birder excited. Though Mongolia is not a mammal destination like Africa it offers few of the most unique mammals besides the Przewalski Horse and Wild Bactrian Camel mentioned earlier; Siberian Ibex, Kuhlan (Asian Wild Ass), Goitered Gazelle, Siberian Roe Deer, Pallas’s Cat, Corsac Fox, Red Fox and the rare Gobi Bear may be seen during the camp.

Reporting:  Mumbai International Airport

Timings may change as per flight timings

Reporting:  Mumbai International Airport

Camp cost:  Rs.2,77,300/- for members Rs.2,78,800/- for non-members (ex-Mumbai)

Payment schedule:

1st Installment (non-refundable) Immediate Rs. 60,000/-     

2nd Installment -  March, 15th                       Rs. 60,000/-

3rd Installment -   March, 30th                       Rs. 60,000/-

4th Installment -   April, 15th                                     Rs. 60,000/-

Final Installment – May, 15th                        Rs. 37,300/- (Rs. 38,800/- for non-members)

Camp fee includes:

Economy Class Air tickets

Visa and processing charges

Internal flights

Full board accommodation as per itinerary

One litre Bottled water per day

All park entrance fees

Travel insurance for participants aged up to 65 years

Safari /trails as per itinerary

BNHS expertise



Camp fee excludes:

Food and drinks not on the group menu

Any sightseeing not mentioned in the itinerary

Expenses of a personal nature, laundry, telephone calls

Camera charges if applicable

Tips and gratuities

Services other than those specified in “Camp fee includes”


Note: The cost has been calculated @ 1 USD = 70 INR, with minimum 16 participants travelling together. Your passport should be valid for 6 months from the last day of the camp.


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Batch limit: 16

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