MADAGASCAR- A World in its own

Join BNHS for exploratory 12-day camp to one of the natural wonders of the world.

Situated about 450 km off the cost of East Africa, across the Mozambique Channel is the Republic of Madagascar. Due to its long isolation from the other continents Madagascar is well known for its endemism, almost 80% of all species found in Madagascar are endemic. Primates like the strange looking Aye-aye, and all species of lemur like Bamboo, Weasel, Mouse, Verreaux’s, Red-ruffed, Black and Dwarf Lemur are found here. Madagascar is home to about half of the world’s species of Chameleons including the world’s smallest chameleon- Leaf Chameleon. About 280 bird species out of which over 110 endemic are also found here. Birds like Madagascar Sparrowhawk, Grey-headed Lovebird, Malagasy Kingfisher, Madagascar Blue-pigeon, Red-tailed Vanga, and Madagascar Kestrel reside on the island.


Batch Limit - 12 

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