Emerald Island – Sri Lanka

Emerald Island – Sri Lanka

Date: 5th – 12th February 2023

The island of Sri Lanka is known for its varied habitat, from the lush rainforest of Sinharaja to montane grassland and cloud forest of the Horton Plains making it ideal to spot a variety of wildlife.

With more than 450 species of birds, of which over 30 species are endemic birds. During the camp we will be visiting:

Sinharaja Forest Reserve can be described as a Tropical Lowland Rainforest. Singharaja is a rich treasure trove of nature with a great diversity of habitats and a vast repository of Sri Lanka’s endemic species found nowhere else in the world. Birdwatching in this reserve is particularly interesting because it is home to 95% of the endemic birds of Sri Lanka, including the elusive Red-faced Malkoha, Green-billed Coucal, and Sri Lanka Blue Magpie.

Yala National Park comprises several major habitat types, including dunes, scrub forest, riverine forests, rocky outcrops, secondary forests, and coastal lagoons with mangrove forests. This park is known for its Leopard sightings, other animals including Sloth Bear, herds of Asian Elephant, Buffalo, Sambar and the endangered Leopard subspecies, which is found only in Sri Lanka. Other carnivores found in the Park include Ring-tailed Civet and the endemic Golden Palm Civet.

Numerous birds such as Brown-capped Babbler, Ceylon Grey Hornbill, Ceylon Wood-shrike, Ceylon Green-pigeon, and Ceylon Junglefowl can be spotted in Yala’s riverine forests.

Bundala National Park is a mix of scrub jungle and sand dunes bordering the sea. Bundala and Tissa wetlands are home to winter migrant birds and large flocks of flamingos. This one of the best places to see migratory birds.

Horton Plains National Park is one of the famous hill stations in Sri Lanka. Covered by montane grasslands and forest, it is famous for uncommon and rare highland birds. It is home to 21 endemic species including Ceylon White-eye, Ceylon Whistling Thrush, Ceylon Woodpigeon, and Dusky Blue Flycatcher, to name a few.

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