Welcome to Education Section of BNHS

The Government of Maharashtra has given BNHS 33 acres of natural forest land on lease bordering the Sanjay Gandhi National Park (formerly known as the Borivali National Park) where, with financial support from the UK Overseas Development Authority, the BNHS has developed a Conservation Education Centre with a Discovery Room, a Display Room for exhibits, an Auditorium and five Nature Trails for guided or unguided exploration of the forest. The Centre is not only a place to delight lakhs of children in Mumbai, but is also a catalyst for conservation education throughout India.

Apart from being a Centre for informal and pleasurable nature education for children from the 2400 schools in Mumbai, it plays a vital role in saving the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The Park covers 104 sq. km of forests and is not only a vital green lung for the 12 million people of Mumbai, but the catchment for Mumbai’ s drinking water lakes and a home for 25 species of mammals (including leopards), 275 species of birds, 150 species of butterflies and many other wild but vanishing species.

The Centre aims to sensitize key groups like journalists, civil servants, business executives, and legislators. Its mobile vans, fully equipped with audio-visual material, reach out to populations in and around various parks and sanctuaries. The Centre brings about awareness, sensitivity and knowledge to save what remains of our precious but rapidly vanishing forests and wildlife. When funds permit, the Centre hopes to add dormitory facilities and tents for overnight camps and workshops.