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Indian Bird Migration Atlas

Indian Bird Migration Atlas by S. Balachandra, Tuhina Katti and Ranjit Manakadan. Rate Rs.1800/- + Postage Rs.120/- = Rs. 1920/-
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Indian Bird Migration Atlas provides, in a nutshell, information on the origins, migration routes as well as stop-over and wintering sites of birds migrating in and outside the Indian subcontinent. It also includes discussions on the findings of statellite-tracking and geolocator-tagging studies on 'Indian Birds' undertaken by BNHS and other organisations in recent times. BNHS has been a pivotal organisation studying bird migration in India since the last six decades, through the painstaking efforts of ringing and tagging of birds. The bird migration studies of the Society began as a small scale bird ringing attempt in 1927, to band migrant ducks to establish the origin of their breeding grounds. This small beginning led to a number of major bird banding projects over the years, spread throughout the length and breadth of India. Till date, BNHS has ringed over half a million birds in India, resulting in more than 3,000 recoveries from 29 countries spanning five continents.


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