Tuesday, 22nd of January 2019

The Book of Indian Birds

 The Book of Indian Birds 
  Price: Rs. 495/-
  Size: 6 x 9 in
  Pp. 326, Hardbound
  First Published 1941
  Thirteenth Edition 2002
  Text: Sálim Ali

The authority on the birds of the Indian subcontinent - Sálim Ali, it can be safely said, needs no introduction! The Book of Indian Birds has been on the racks since 1941 and still going strong. The book boasts of interesting avian observations of Sálim Ali all across the subcontinent which he knew as the back of his hand. His very own tips on bird watching, so even if you may get intimidated by his aura his lucid language and apt words will calm the nerves of any new ‘birder’. Also, his impeccable and classic style of writing adds to the charm of the book.