Wednesday, 25th of April 2018

Capturing Wildlife Moments in India by Ashok Mahindra


Capturing Wildlife Moments in India


 Ashok Mahindra

 Price: Rs. 1,450/-


 Published by: Bombay Natural History Society and Oxford University Press

 About the Book

 The 160 page richly-illustrated coffee-table book includes 120 photographs of birds and animals with some of their attributes and habitat. It is an educational book as it  identifies the rating for the species photographed from the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, the State bird and State animal, and links some of the species photographed  with Indian gods and goddesses and legends. For the wildlife traveller the book lists over 30 national parks, sanctuaries and other locations visited, identifies the wildlife  hotspots and interesting places to stay. For the wildlife photographer, the book identifies the cameras and other equipment used, and some of the photography techniques  followed.

 Mr. Mahindra states in his book:

 “At present, the entire ecological system is fragile and is being seriously threatened. My endeavour as a photographer is to encourage people to care for all threatened species  – from the smallest insects to the biggest cats – before it is too late.”

 The book sets out the threats faced by certain species mainly from poaching, man-animal conflict, and deforestation. It gives examples of threats from ancient customs and  practices which result in danger to wildlife species. It also sets out the ‘Thirteen Ways Forward’ to preserve wildlife effectively.

 The book is dedicated to young adults in the hope that they, and through them their children will become the future stakeholders in the conservation of wildlife and its habitats.