Monday, 10th of December 2018

Communication & Outreach

It is always important to effectively reach out to various stakeholders in order to disseminate the knowledge generated by a research organization. The communications and outreach wing of BNHS ensures that the latest natural history research, studies, findings, survey results, innovative conservation initiatives, new wildlife publications, exotic camp destinations, interesting workshops, novel souvenirs and unique awareness activities being conducted by the organization, are brought to the notice of the media, bureaucrats, policy makers, corporates, academia, NGOs, other research institutions and the general public.



In today’s information age, it is vital to reach out to the masses through a variety of media including print, television, radio, websites, blogs, emails, mobiles and social media. BNHS media communications ensure the following outputRegular press releases and updates about the research and conservation programmes undertaken, for coverage across India and abroad

  • Regular media updates about the workshops, training programmes, camps, nature trails and talks organized at various locations
  • Response to media queries on an ongoing basis
  • Highlighting the role played by BNHS in natural history research and conservation
  • Opinion building among the relevant stakeholders about important issues pertaining to conservation and sustainable development
  • Awareness among the masses about the need for conservation by way of green lifestyles and hands-on methods
  • Recommendations, observations and opinions on important environmental issues


  • Informative brochures and leaflets for information dissemination ·        
  • Popular articles on wildlife and nature; book reviews ·        
  • Multi-lingual communication in English, Hindi and Marathi ·        
  • Updation of information on BNHS website ·        
  • Hosting of book launches and book reading events in Hornbill House ·        
  • Insightful presentations and lectures on biodiversity, conservation and sust ainability for students, teachers, NGOs, corporates and the general public
  • Film screenings and wildlife quizzes ·        
  • Socio-environmental surveys and interaction with stakeholders at various level
  • Visits to biodiversity areas for conservation updates
  • Participation in conferences and workshops
  • Special awareness events such as Flamingo Festival, Mumbai
  • Strategic inputs at the organizational level
  • Coordination with CSR departments for joint work