Monday, 10th of December 2018

IBA Publications

1. Important Bird Areas in Maharashtra

A new book Important Bird Areas in Maharashtra was released by Mr. Maruti Chitampalli, renowned ornithologist and writer, and Mr. Sarjan Bhagat, PCCF, Maharashtra on January 4, 2014 during the 27th Maharashtra Pakshimitra Sammelan at Nagpur. The book is co-authored by Dr. Asad R. Rahmani, Dr. Zafar-ul Islam, Dr. Raju Kasambe, and Dr. Jayant Wadatkar, and is published by Bombay Natural History Society, Mumbai, Wildlife and Environment Conservation Society, Amravati and Nagpur Birds, Nagpur. 

2. Threatened Birds of Maharashtra

The Book Threatened Birds of Maharashtra was released in Nagpur, Maharashtra, in presence of Dr. Dilip Singh (Director, Maharashtra State Biodiversity Board), Anil Mohan (PCCF, Production & Management), S.W.H. Naqwi (PCCF, Head of Forest Force),  Pravinsinh Pardesi (Principal Secretary, Revenue & Forest Dept. Maharashtra State), Dr. Eruch Bharucha (Chairman, Maharashtra State Biodiversity Board (MSBB), Sarjan Bhagat (PCCF, Wildlife, Maharashtra), and A K Nigam (Forest Department, Maharashtra State)

Threatened Birds of Maharashtra gives information about the globally threatened bird species that are presently reported from Maharashtra state. The book depends heavily on Threatened Birds of India (TBI) published in 2012 by BNHS, particularly for historical information, but with updated contents by including new and unpublished data. The new information given in this book will help to assess the present status and distribution of the threatened bird species found in Maharashtra, and the recommendations for each species will show the way ahead.

Thus, this book is not a substitute for TBI or the Threatened Birds of Asia (TBA) published by BirdLife International in 2001, or the information frequently uploaded by BirdLife International on the website. It is a supplement to TBI, and as it focused on the threatened birds that are found in Maharashtra, it is a handy, concise, and updated book that will be of great use to interested readers, as well as decision makers, in serving the cause of conservation.

3. Important Bird Areas of Maharashtra (Marathi)


4. Threatened Birds of Maharashtra (Marathi)


5. Threatened Birds of Jammu & Kashmir


6. Threatened Birds Uttarakhand


7.Threatened Birds Uttar Pradesh


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