Monday, 10th of December 2018

Rules & Regulations for BNHS nature camps and trails



  1. Nature Camps/outings conducted by BNHS are educational camps/outings and not touristic camps or picnics.
  2. BNHS camps/outings are for BNHS members; however non-members are welcome to join at extra cost.
  3. Registration of participants will be on first come basis on payment received from the participant.
  4. In case of online fund transfer, deposition of camp fees in our account, the participant should inform BNHS via e-mail or call, payment made without intimation will not be considered for registration.
  5. If you are registering for any camps/outings it is assumed that you have read and agreed to all the rules and regulations of the BNHS. Copy of the rules and regulation is available on our website ( and can also be provided on request.
  6. Participants can be requested to submit a copy of ID proof during a camp thus they are requested to carry the same along with them during the camp/outings.
  7. Camp cost does not include any health, travel or any other insurance, unless mentioned.
  8. Camp cost is calculated on the presumption that the participants are Indian Nationals; non-Indian Nationals are welcome to join the camp/outing; however the cost can differ.
  9. The camp cost is calculated as per the rates prevailing at the time of quoting it. The BNHS reserves the right to change the cost in the event of change/variation in the said rates before the date of departure. Any such increase in the camp cost accordingly must be paid by the participants before departure. Camp cost is exclusive of all taxes if applicable from time to time. 
  10. Registration will be strictly on first come bases. In order to register for any camp, initially a payment of at least 50% of the camp cost has to be made. If full payment is not made in time, the BNHS reserves the right to cancel the registration with consequent forfeiture of deposit and/or the deduction of cancellation charges. All balance due should be paid at least 45 day before the camp.
  11. For a day outing full payment should be made before the outing, unless the day outing is spot registration in the case of which the participant can register on the spot with the group leader.
  12. BNHS will not provide any discount in any cases whatsoever. (unless mentioned)
  13. Except special camps for children, participants below 15 years should be accompanied by an adult. The Society absolves itself from being responsible for any participant below 15 years participating in the camp/outing.
  14. Participants are required to sign a declaration form absolving the Society of any liabilities in case of a mishap or any catastrophe, the form is available on the website, and should be filled and submitted when registering for any camp/outing.
  15. Though utmost care is taken to avoid any mishap. BNHS and the programme organisers will not be held responsible in case of any accident leading to injury or death and also loss of property at and during the camp. BNHS officials/camp leaders and organisers are authorised to take necessary action in case of emergency hospitalisation/ treatment and the participant shall bear the full cost thereof. 
  16. It is presumed that the participants who have registered for the camp/outing have gone through the programme and are well aware about the same. It is presumed that the participant is medically fit to undertake the said camp/outing, and is joining the same at their own risk.  Participants may be required to submit certificate of medical fitness before confirmation of their registration wherever applicable.
  17. BNHS holds the right to cancel any registration with or without prior notification or any reason whatsoever.
  18. BNHS reserves the right of participation for any camp/outing.


  1. BNHS will not provide any train/fight booking facilities for any camps, unless mentioned.
  2. Travel, if arranged by the BNHS, will be included in the Camp fee. Otherwise, participants will be advised to make their own arrangements to travel for reaching at the reporting place.
  3. If a participant wishes to leave a camp mid-way or arrive early/late at the camp site, no travel arrangements will be provided for the same.
  4. No portage will be provided, unless mentioned.
  5. The pick-up and drop-off locations are fixed for each camp, if a participant wishes to join/leave the camp directly at/mid-way to the camp site he/she is free to do so, however no reduction in the camp fees will be made, and the participant will be requested to make his/her own arrangements for the travel.

Lodging and Boarding

  1. Unless specified, meals and other refreshments will not be provided by the BNHS while traveling. The camp fee usually includes meals and refreshments provided at the campsite.
  2. Day outings do not include any refreshment or meals, unless mentioned.
  3. Mineral water will not be provided unless mentioned in the itinerary.
  4. Accommodation will always be on sharing basis as per the facility available. Two or more persons will always share a room/tent. 
  5. The BNHS will decide the room allotments, preference for room sharing should be given at the time of registration of the camp/outing, and no changes will be made after room allotment.
  6. Room sharing will be separate for male and female participants in multiple sharing; however request can be made to adjust all participants (families) in specific room allotments.
  7. Participants should take care of their belongings & valuable articles & will be solely responsible for them.
  8. Simple vegetarian will be provided during all camps/outings, unless otherwise specified. No separate arrangements will be made to suit special dietary requirement. The menu will be common to all participants.
  9. During visits to remote forest areas participants will have to use open air or trench toilets and rough it out.

During the camp and camp discipline

  1. Do not carry any music system or MP3 players in forest area.
  2. Do not carry any inflammables and do not light fire in the forest area.
  3. Do not tease or feed any wild animal or destroy habitat of the Park or Sanctuary.
  4. No article (rocks, feathers, animals, eggs etc) should be collected from the protected area.
  5. Do not wear any kind of perfume or deodorant while during the trail/safari.
  6. Participants have to adhere to the given itinerary and no alterations by the participants will be entertained. Detailed program of the following day will be briefed one day in advance.
  7. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited, during the camp.
  8. Smoking during the sessions, safaris, and trail and during forest visit is strictly prohibited.
  9. Littering or burning of garbage is strictly prohibited at the campsite and on the trails. Any behavior contrary to the rules governing visitors in protected areas will be treated as serious offence.
  10. The instruction medium for all camps/outings will be English and/or Hindi.
  11. All decisions regarding the camp and its participants will be taken by the Group Leader/s.  Participants are requested to co-operate with the Group Leaders and observe the rules.
  12. The itinerary for each camp/outing is tentative and is subject to change with or without prior notice.
  13. Any cost incurred due to extension of stay or change in itinerary due to bad weather, political unrest or any circumstances beyond our control will have to be borne by the participants.
  14. Group Leaders are authorised to take remedial measures to ensure discipline in the Camp.  Any indiscipline in the Camp, may lead to expulsion of the participant from the camp. No arrangements for his/her transport or refund for the camp will be provided.
  15. Camera fees (unless mentioned) and fees for activities other than those mentioned in the itinerary will have to be borne by the participants.
  16. Any kind of commercial activity or its promotion during the camps/outings is strictly prohibited.
  17. Complaints regarding the Camp or Group Leaders should be addressed to the Head of Department or Director of the Society.  Suggestions and other inputs regarding the camp should be given in the feedback form available with the Group Leaders.
  18. BNHS does not guarantee sightings of any kind, participants of the camp/outing should be aware that wildlife sightings are by chance.


  1. The camp/outing shall proceed only if the number of participants who have registered for the camp/outing exceeds a minimum number (different for each camp/outing). If the number of participants booked for any camp/outing falls below that number, then BNHS holds the right to cancel the camp/outing. However the BNHS may cancel the tour without assigning any reason and in such an event the participants can claim only the amount paid by him after deducting the taxes (if any). In case of cancellation of any camp/outing by the BNHS 100% of the amount paid by the participants shall be refunded. Participants who cancel their seats prior to cancellation of the camp will not get a complete refund. Their cancellation will follow our regular cancellation procedures.
  2. Information on the cancellation of the camp/outing will be conveyed to the participants by at least one of the following modes (1) SMS, (2) telephone and/or (3) email as per the information given by the participant or any person for and on behalf of the participant/s at the time of booking of the camp/outing.
  3. No refund will be provided for cancellation of one day outing.
  4. Refund of camp fee after cancellation of a booking for a camp or outing will be on the following basis, unless extra expenses incurred by the BNHS:

              i.      Cancellation before 90 days before the commencement of the camp - Deduction will be 5% of the camp fee.

             ii.      Cancellation between 90 to 45 days before the commencement of the camp- Deduction will be 10% of the camp fee.

            iii.      Cancellation between 44 to 31 days before the commencement of the camp– Deduction will be 20% of the camp fee.

            iv.      Cancellation between 30 to 25 days before the commencement of the camp – Deduction will be 30% of the camp fee.

             v.      Cancellation between 24 to 16 days before the commencement of the camp – Deduction will be 50% of the camp fee.

            vi.      Cancellation within 15 days before the commencement of the camp – No refund will be given.

BNHS hold the right to change any of the rules and regulations mentioned above, with or without prior notice.