Tuesday, 22nd of January 2019

Freshwater Fishes of Western Ghats

 Freshwater Fishes of Western Ghats: Freshwater habitats, considered to be the least studied and highly threatened, are biodiversity hotspots within Western Ghats. The rich and endemic freshwater fish fauna of Western Ghats faces a high risk of extinction due to growing anthropogenic pressures. BNHS is working towards conservation of freshwater fishes in Western Ghats. A programme commenced five years ago, it now primarily deals with action-based research, development of conservation strategies and their implementation. It includes developing a database on the diversity and distribution of freshwater fish in northern Western Ghats (Maharashtra), while building local capacity by involving experts from educational institutes, NGOs, civil society and local/tribal fishing communities. Scientific expeditions, field documentation, monitoring, taxonomic inventories such as novel species descriptions through integrated approach, and ecological studies are some of the fundamental aspects of this project. Education and awareness campaigns conducted in Raigad district have helped in involving the local/tribal community and capacity building for fish conservation initiatives. Click Here for More Details