Monday, 10th of December 2018

Coastal Plateaus

Coastal Plateaus: Coastal plateaus in Konkan region of Maharashtra represent unique ecosystems, highly characterized by seasonality. Lack or scarcity of woody species make these rocky plateaus appear barren or “waste lands” during the eight-month long dry season comprising winter and summer. However, monsoon brings these plateaus back to life with gregarious populations of ephemeral plants, insects, amphibians and reptiles, most of which are habitat specialists. The biological uniqueness of rocky plateaus gets further highlighted due to their high endemism. Off late, most of these coastal plateaus are experiencing heavy biotic pressures. Lack of awareness at the policy level about their role as special habitats, coupled with absence of baseline data on their ecology, are the main hindrances in bringing them under any form of protection framework. As a part of an extensive biodiversity documentation programme for coastal ecosystems of Maharashtra, BNHS has recently undertaken an in-depth study of plant communities of the coastal plateaus and the threats to these unique ecosystems. Click Here for More Details