Tuesday, 22nd of January 2019

Indian Bird Banding Manual

  Indian Bird Banding Manual
  Compiled by: S. Balachandran
  Price: Rs. 100/-
  Size: 7 x 10
  Pp. 80, Paperback

This manual is intended to serve as an introduction to the techniques of bird banding and related studies proposed to be undertaken in India by amateur bird enthusiasts. A few pictures of moulting and stages of primary wear and tear have been adapted from British Trust For Ornithology (BTO) Guide No.17. Information has been adapted and simplified to suit Indian Bird Banders. Though over 150 Indian volunteers were introduced to bird banding through the Bird Banders Training Programme sponsored by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, bird banding in India is still in its infancy, except for the professional bird banders of BNHS. The manual can be revised in future when the demand for advanced information arises. If amateur bird banding and license system are introduced in India this manual will need further revision, for which suggestions and additions from the users are welcome.