Tuesday, 22nd of January 2019

Loke Wan Tho’s Birds

  Loke Wan Tho’s Birds  
  Text: Extracts from
  Loke Wan Tho’s diaries and
  A Company of Birds
  Price: Rs. 2,000/-
  Size: 10 x 13 in
  Pp. 238, Hardbound

  Loke Wan Tho, a contemporary and his lifelong friend of Sálim Ali, was truly inspired by nature. One can see his power over photography, an added asset while collecting information on birds, in this coffee table book. His photographs, studies and notes were not only valued for the information they provided on bird habits and behaviour, particularly nesting, but in their technical and aesthetic quality. The stunning photographs taken in the early 1940s-50s are exemplary and make us wonder as to how he made it possible to take such amazing photographs with the equipment available back then. Each photograph is like a moment frozen in time and speaks volumes for itself.