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The Book of Indian Animals


 The Book of Indian Animals

 Text: Compiled by S.H.Prater

 Price: Rs.360/-
 Size: 6 x 9 in
 Pp. 324, Hardbound

First Edition 1948, Second Edition 1965,

Third Edition 1971, Twelfth reprint 2005

Compiled by S.H. Prater from different sources, this book particularly draws on the first hand observations of naturalists who have contributed to the Journal of the BNHS. Most mammals of India are described and illustrated in this book. Get to know all about their habitats, distinctive characteristics, distribution and everything else that there is to know about this unique group.The book contains 28 colour plates drawn by the well-known artist M. Paul Barruel, depicting 141 species of animals, and 41 monochrome plates.